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Have you wanted to boost your creativity, release creative blocks, and get success in your creative endeavors? In my decades as a creative professional, the ONE thing that has helped me to succeed the most - more than any training, course, teacher, or guru is being part of a strong, supportive community.

Community is the driving principal behind Dragonfly, that's why I named it a Creative Collective, because my vision is for a future where artists are nurtured, supported, appreciated, and successful. 

Our goal is to completely eliminate the "starving artist" trope, because no artist should go hungry when they contribute so much to our society. Art is as valuable as any skilled trade, and this is the future we're committed to building together.

Join us in making this a possibility by getting in  on the ground floor of the movement!

Once you join us as a founding member, not only do you get an insane 90% discount off the membership dues once we go public, but your rate will never go up. That's right, founding members lock in 90% off FOREVER.

Help us build this vision for the future and becoming a founding member by choosing your plan option below:

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